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Stained rainbow Semi circles

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A wonderful addition to the stained large skinny rainbow, The semicircle set is a fantastic way to expand any open ended play experience. Use them to build with your rainbow, enhance ball run set ups, or even use them as playscapes backgrounds or bases. The various blues and greens can transform into skies, oceans and grassy fields for peg people to frolic! 

They are stained with all natural, eco friendly Tiny Land stains and sealed for protection. 

Also check out the naked semi circle and rainbow sets as well!

*Traditional full set matches up perfectly with the traditional rainbow. Each semicircle lays on top of the corresponding rainbow piece as it should. 
*Discount full set still has the correct number of semicircles, the pink color was just skipped so each piece lays on bottom of its coordinating rainbow piece instead on top. Everything about them is exactly the same as the traditional set aside from the color pattern is off by one and includes boysenberry and excludes the hot pink. 


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